Shuttle Fun

I’m starting some Shuttle mods thanks to some tips from the forums over at Sudhian Media. So far, I’ve replaced the CPU / Case fan with an Enermax 80mm fan that got rave reviews over at directron. I’ve also replaced the PSU fan with an ADDA 40mm fan, but it’s still too loud.

My new mission is to make this thing as quiet as possible, so I’ve ordered a replacement PSU fan, a Zalman ZM80a-HP GPU cooler to replace the video card fan and a Zalman NB-32J heatsink for the Northbridge, which is currently cooled using a fan. I’m also getting a 120GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9, which has fluid dynamic bearings for ultra-quiet operation. All in all, this thing should rock the house, quiet style. I’ve been continually impressed with the performance of the box, but it’s just too loud in the stock configuration.