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The Essential Woodworker for $10


If you have any interest in hand work in woodworking, a wonderful introduction is The Essential Woodworker by Robert Wearing. This formerly out-of-print book was brought back by Lost Art Press a while back and is now being offered as a DRM-free ePub for $10 with a Kindle version coming soon.

This book is my go to reference whenever I have a question on how to build a piece of carcase furniture. It also includes some nice exercises to help learn essential hand tool skills, like planing a board flat and sawing accurately. It’s finely written, well edited and quite clear. For $10, you cannot go wrong.

The hard cover edition is also available for $23.

Homemade Ice Cream

I got a nice surprise for Father’s Day, Mandy picked up the Kitchen-Aid ice cream maker I’d linked to previously as a present and we made up our first batch of vanilla yesterday.

mixer + kitchenaid ice cream maker + The Perfect Scoop @ Amazon = *heart*

It works great, pulling just the right amount of air into the mix. We let it ripen overnight and enjoyed a great bowl of ice cream with lunch. Mandy also picked up this book on ice creams, where I got the recipe. I think the Aztec chocolate is up next, just need to find some Dutch Process cocoa.

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