A Place for Saws

I’ve got enough saws floating around now that I decided I needed a better way to store them. My little till will be a pretty simple box, dovetailed at the corners, with a drawer (two maybe?) underneath for saw sharpening stuff. The plan is to store the saws handle down, blade up. The handles will […]


A Saw Bench

While working through the Stickley Lost Side Table project, I realized that my current saw bench, a basic five-board bench, was less than ideal for ripping stock. It’s a bit too wide, so when I get a narrow piece out over the edge, the bench is quite tippy. Chris Schwarz has been teaching a two-day […]

Stickley Lost Side Table: Complete

Finally. It feels like I’ve been working on this little table forever. In calendar time, I think I’m at 9 months, but I guess that’s what happens when you go from one kid to two. Little bits here and there, dimension some stock, cut a mortise, fit a tenon. All in all, my best guess […]

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