hey, that's me

Hi. I’m Ben. Benjamin James Lowery, to be more specific.

I build web sites. I take photographs. I like JavaScript and the Open Web. You can also find me on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn and Plaxo. I’m descended from monkeys. If you want to get in touch, try sending email to my first name @ this domain.

Thanks for stopping by.


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It’s been a couple years, so I thought I’d write again. How are you? I’m still selling for pepsi and quite happy with it, but I still miss golf with it only being February – not to mention I haven’t played since last July, where shortly after, I found out what happens when you get an infection in your foot and require two surgeries after stepping on a nail. But it is almost normal now and has given me a lot of time to practice being a more patient Dad. It takes a lot doesn’t it? Take care Ben

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