Brewing Coffee the Right Way

How to Brew a Good Cup of Coffee from Ben Helfen on Vimeo. Brilliant. Advertisements


Clever Coffee Dripper

Just saw this new brewer over at Sweet Maria’s. Looks like a great alternative to the Aeropress or a French Press. Less mess and nice and consistent. Reminds me a lot of the ingenuiTEA from Adagio.

Triple Ristretto

After visiting Gimme! a while ago and having one of their tasty triple ristrettos, I decided to pick up a triple basket and see if I could pull it off in my Rancilio Silvia at home. The basket arrived on Tuesday, so today was the first go round. So far, it works great. I’m using …

Brewing with a VacPot

In my never-ending quest to try out every coffee-brewing method known to man, I decided to get a vacuum pot. These were wildly popular earlier in the last century, but fell out of favor. Why, I don’t know, because it makes a wonderful cup of coffee. This is a 5-cup Yama, with a Cona glass …

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