Moka Kadir again. Took this one to Full City+ / maybe Vienna? Temps on this one are from the fancy new thermocouple I hacked into the roaster. Vital Stats: 250g roasted, 77F Ambient, Target of Full City++ (447F). Post roast weight: 206g. Time Temp Heater Fan Notes 0:00 229 100 0 0:15 243 100 0 […]

More Roasts

Since the HotTop arrived, I’ve gone through four roasts. The first roast (which I’ll call roast zero) was a total failure and I was quite bummed. That is, until I realized that in my excitement and haste, I had forgotten to install the rear filter. Without the rear filter, way too much air was drawn […]

A New Roaster

After burning through (not literally) a few pounds of green beans with the iRoast that AJ graciously sent me, I quickly realized that I really enjoy roasting coffee. I like the iRoast, but it has a very limited capacity and its really not known to be a great espresso roaster, so I started doing some […]

Thermometer Arrived!

The multimeter and thermocouple I ordered to monitor roasting temp arrived today! I also stumbled on this handy little chart for the iRoast over on Sweet Marias. Im reproducing it here so I dont lose it Degree of Roast Temp Green Unroasted 75 Starting to pale 270 Early yellow 327 Yellow-Tan 345 Light Brown 370 […]