I agree one-hundred percent with the speaker. Working with your hands is a wonderful thing and it’s a shame we’re losing it as part of standard curriculum. Advertisements


Exploring Colors

Gettysburg A huge part of design is picking colors. One thing I’ve never been particularly good at is choosing a color palette. Thankfully, there are sites out there that do nothing but catalog and explore color palettes, and I thought I’d share my two favorites. The first is Kuler from Adobe. It’s a Flash-based application …

Firefox3 is out!

Firefox 3 Point your browsers over to getfirefox.com and download the best version of the best cross-platform browser yet. I’ve been using the alphas and betas and release candidates for a while and I think this will be a great release. Between the performance and typographic rendering improvements, I just can’t stand using Firefox2 any …

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