Mapping the Front


If you’re not familiar with it, the Western Front was a major line of battle between France and Germany during World War I. It was effectively a stalemate, with the line never moving much during the duration of the war, but a huge number of people died along it.

Mandy sent me a link to some amazing maps with various bits of data from the War. The one shown above is a segment of a map overlaying exhumed bodies on top of what’s a mostly standard map.

It’s a sad display, but a wonderful expression of multi-variate data display. Tufte would be proud I think.


Visualizing Red Shirts

Analytics according to Kirk

A very nice graphic overlaying crew member deaths, Captain Kirk’s affairs, and fights in all the episodes of the original Star Trek series. One thing to keep in mind, the x-axis labels are elided to save space; each column does represent one episode, even though each column is not labeled.

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