HttpCompressionModule under stress

I just got this mail from someone who’s using my HttpCompressionModule. 
He took it upon himself to do some performance testing on the module and here are
the results:

Microsoft’s free “Web Application Stress” tool.

WAS ran on a server with a T-3 Internet connection to the test server.

Test Server:
Windows 2003 Server
~1800 MHz AMD CPU
500 Megs RAM

WAS Settings:
All default except:
Stress Level (threads) 60
2 sockets per thread
Test Run Time: 3 mins

Without HttpCompressionModule
CPU Averaged 31%
Number of hits:              
Requests per Second:          133.37
TTLB (Time to Last byte) Avg: 639.31
Resultant File Size: 6807 bytes

WITH HttpCompressionModule
(deflate and gzip nearly same results)
CPU Averaged 97%
Number of hits:              
Requests per Second:          311
TTLB (Time to Last byte) Avg: 317.17
Resultant File Size : 1758 bytes


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