Farewell HyperCard

A long, long time ago in a distant university, I took a class
Human Factors in Computing,
taught by the energetic Paul Green.
In this class, we had to mock up different interfaces to a device that
would allow the user to set the time on a digital clock. I wanted to use
the then fresh-faced DHTML, but wise old Prof Green pointed the class
in the direction of HyperCard
instead, insisting that we use it.

For all my misgivings, HyperCard proved to be a worthy little tool in mocking up our interfaces.
In many ways, I liked it better than DHTML. It just worked, no cross-browser support, no stupid spec. Just
nice little programs that let you move digits up and down

Sadly, I learned today that
HyperCard has
been decommissioned
. Farewell my little stack,
so full of love and eager to please. You will be missed.