What a perfect day

I took today off from work. I’ve been working like mad for the last few months to get a rewrite of our help system out the door, and it finally went out two weeks ago. I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting my sanity back and doing some general spring cleaning around the product, fixing up the stuff we decided to cut for launch. All in all, it’s been better, but still stresful. Coming down out of that crazy place takes some time and I’m slowly readjusting and getting ready for the next push, whatever that happens to be.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about today. Today was great. I slept in for a while, then got up and had a slow morning of coffee, posting here, and reading my news feeds in SharpReader. Just a good, slow morning. Mandy hit up TJ Maxx for some pants and returned about 11. We then headed out to the country club for the school golf outing.

First, I have to say, I was very surprised and happy to find out that I was going to be able to play; I don’t teach at the school Mandy teaches at, and this was supposed to be faculty only. However, they had an open spot after everyone had signed up, so I got to play. Thanks to all that made it happen. The course (Sleepy Hollow CC) was amazing: well-kept grounds, a magnificent club house, Titleist range balls, immaculate greens and fairways, and a great short game practice area. It was easily the nicest golf course and grounds I’ve been to, and it’s right here in my back yard. Too bad I’m not a member… The course itself was very well laid out, with excellent views of the Hudson river valley below us. I took some pictures that I’ll have up as soon as I find the time. The best part though was really the overall experience.

We had a caddy (Clarence) who has been caddying at the club for twenty-seven years. I’d never had a real caddy before, and this guy was astounding. He never misread a putt all day and knew right where to put the ball off the tee and on the greens. For example, on one par 3 (180 yards, downhill) he told me to aim 25 yards to the left of the pin, at the edge of a bunker. I did and hit it right on the suggested line. To my amazement, the ball hit on the green, then slowly rolled almost dead left, right up to about six feet from the pin. It was like that all day. In addition, he was just a great guy to have along for 18 holes of fun golf. All three of us in my group (Mandy, Chris, me) had an awesome time and hope to get the change to play there again.