So Hot Right Now

So, like, hi.

Things have changed a lot recently and life has been way hectic. Here is a summary:

  • I left FactSet to become an independent consultant / contractor. I’m now
    working with these guys who are working with these guys who are working on a project for these guys. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.
  • I have a new cell phone number. If you need it, give me a call.
  • Mandy and I are no longer going to be on boarding in August due to fall-out from the Greece trip.
  • It looks like we will be getting housing however, which is awesome.
  • I still havn’t posted any pictures from Greece because of the first bullet point.
  • I’m probably starting an S-Corp, as I’m now an independent consultant. I need a company name. Help?
  • I’m now an independent consultant available to do your bidding at an hourly
    rate. That’s still sinking in a bit. More on that later.
  • I’m getting married in 12 weeks. Not a change really, I was totally planning on getting married in 12 weeks, but holy crap.
  • My parents are meeting her parents over Memorial Day weekend. On tap: renting Meet the Fockers.
  • HttpCompress is most likely moving into the DotNetNuke incubator so it can get the love and attention is so desires.
  • I have a photo-thingy over on flickr, all taken with the crappy camera in my new Nokia 6230 cell phone. You too can follow along as I take bad pictures of random crap.

I told you I really liked bulleted lists.