Architecting: word or not?

I keep seeing the verbs “architecting” and “architected” around
the software world and it drives some friends of mine well versed in
the English language insane. What do you think? Is “architected” a
word? How would you say “I architected a web site.” instead?


3 replies on “Architecting: word or not?”

No, it’s not now nor has it ever been a word, it was created be 20-something HR drones who, for one reason or another, while writing job descriptions could not or would not use the word “designed”.

Also think of “administrate” also a non-word, because kids don’t know that it’s “administer”, blame the educational system!

Turns out both the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster’s Third International list “architect” as a verb, therefore it would certainly warrant a past tense, would it not? In any event, there’s in my opinion a distinct difference between “designing” and “architecting”, as your architecture implementation includes hardware specifications generally left out of any system design, which is more software-oriented… at least on the projects I’ve worked.

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