PixelGenius is aptly named

I’m a bit of a photography nut, especially this no longer new-fangled digital stuff. I’ve been an avid Photoshop user since version 4 or so and I really enjoy using the product. One of the great things about Photoshop is the third-party plug-in community. I use a utility from the folks over at PixelGenius called PhotoKit Sharpener for all my sharpening needs. The product kicks butt and makes easy a lot of the advanced sharpening techniques you read about in the trade rags.

Anyway, the point of this post is this: if you decide to buy one of the products from the folks at PixelGenius, there’s a hidden benefit. By purchasing a product, you get access to their private forums. These things are worth the purchase price alone. I had a whacko Photoshop problem crop up today where it would totally hang when launched. I posted my problem and had a number of suggestions on how to work-around it in about two hours. One of them actually worked (I had a corrupted font) and now Photoshop is happily processing pixels once again. I can’t say how happy I am with these folks. They’re prompt, courteous and extremely on top of what they’re doing. If you’re someone who lives a lot in Photoshop, I would highly recommend taking a look at their products.