I’m watching you (or trying)

A few days ago, I added Google Analytics
to this site to see how Google’s taking on web tracking. So far, it
seems to think data is being gathered, but no data is showing up.
Apparently, a number of other folks are having this problem, though some folks are starting to see results.

Update! Since analytics isn’t really working out (yet), I did some poking around and found some similiar services:

  • MeasureMap – looks pretty sweet, though it’s very blog centric. From the folks at adaptive path. Appears to be invite only, but free if you get in.
  • Site Meter – they’ve been around quite a while. Generic web tracking, with a free version and some fancier pay for versions.
  • HitBox Pro – from WebSideStory. Definitely not free, but looks to be pretty comprehensive.