I’ve never been a huge fan of the frothy milk drinks at the local coffee roaster, not because they’re bad, but because they’re chock full of hot milk and that much hot milk doesn’t do good things to my stomach.

Today though, I found a tasty solution!  In the past, I’d always gone for a medium latte, but today I went smaller with a small cappuccino.  Cappuccinos have less milk compared to a latte and the smaller you go, the more you can taste the coffee.  Plus, smaller is cheaper, which is always nice.

On my return, I decided to see if the internet had any similiar advice. It turns out, at Starbucks, you can order a “short cappuccino“, which is pretty much ideal for me (Also, if you like the econ ideas in the article, be sure to read The Art of Profitability) . I also found a note about Italian cappuccino vs. most American cappuccino that backs up my too-much-milk thought. 


Update: It turns out my local roaster, Coffee Labs, offers a “traditional cappuccino”, which is the standard 2oz espresso, 2oz milk, 2oz foam. Perfect.