Ah, travel.

  • Yesterday ended up being a 3:45AM to 2:00AM day. Note: don’t wear your contacts the whole time.
  • Flying back. SJC -> LAS, LAS -> ALB. You can track my flight from LAS -> ALB.
  • Pulled Dojo 0.9 into our extern and I’m working on integrating it in a branch. Yay for long flights.
  • Dead Like Me is a fantastic show.
  • I love flying Southwest. I havn’t done it much in the past, as they don’t really serve the NYC area, but they fly out of Albany. The flight attendants had us entertained the whole ride from SJC -> LAS and most of it from LAS -> ALB. I have mixed feelings on the ABC boarding though… So far I think I like it, though I havn’t boarded as a C yet.
  • Today was the second day in a row I didn’t get into bed until 2AM. I need some sleep.