Monday the 9th

Good socks make feet happy.

  • Still getting settled back into the routine. Days go so fast now.
  • Did some work getting the scons build + the Dojo build to play nice together. We did some evil things a while ago and unraveling all the evil is taking time.
  • Cable guy showed up with our shiny new Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR. You can record two shows at once and it has an eSATA port on the back, though no word on if it works or how to activate it. Built in 160GB hard drive and so far it seems pretty darn ok. Picture quality is really really good.
  • Made our standard garlic lemon roast chicken for dinner. Chicken Good.
  • Jack’s growing like a champ. He put on nearly a pound and grew a good 1/2″ over the last two doctor’s visits.