What’s up with HttpCompress / HttpCompressionModule?

A long time ago in a state far away, I wrote an IHttpModule that provides HTTP compression to ASP.NET applications. People liked it, I kept it fairly updated and responded to most of the bugs that came in. For the last few years, I have not released any updates for it nor included any of the bug fixes that have come my way. The DotNetNuke project came along and offered to pull it into their umbrella of services, which I agreed to, and it’s been living there since. Last I knew, I was officially the admin for it on DNN, but it’s not a role I’ve really performed in any way.Since then, the download page here on stayed up and it’s still, by far, the most popular thing on my site. People seem to get some utility out of it, so I’ve kept it up and will continue to do so.I’d always wanted to get the source into a publicly exposed subversion repository and thankfully Google has made that dead simple now. Going forward, I’m going to host the project at and track issues and discussion using Google Code’s tools. If you’re interested in advancing the project, let me know and I can add you to the list of developers over on the site.