#53278 and Still Beating Ray Ozzie

On Wednesday, we released the Bloglines Top 1000, a ranking of what feeds are most popular with Blogliners. It’s a bit of a narrow ranking, as it only takes into account people who use Bloglines, but it’s a fun thing nonetheless.

One dirty little secret is that the ranking actually extends far past the top 1K. For instance, I’m ranked #53278, just ahead of Ray Ozzie (as of right now).

If you want to figure out where your feed is ranked, here’s a little trick, assuming you are logged into the beta and are subscribed to your own feed. First, open up the Bloglines console by hitting the ~ key, then paste in the following command:

window.location.href="/b/preview?siteid=" +"your feed name")[0].siteId;

“your feed name” is case sensitive and corresponds to the name you see in the feed tree. That command will take you to the preview page for your feed where you can see your feed’s ranking. After that, getting to the correct page on the top1K is pretty simple. Just take your ranking, divide it by 100, truncate the remainder, and add 1. So for me and my stellar 53278: 53278 / 100 = 532.78, drop the .78 to 532 and + 1 = 533. Yay for simple paging math.

So go check it out. See where you’re ranked. :)