Baby X-Ray

deceptively calm baby

Kiddo went in for an x-ray today and was stuffed into the contraption above. What the picture doesn’t show is the flailing legs below the seat and the look of sheer horror on the kid’s screaming face.


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Duh-huh! What about the look of sheer horror on the parents’ faces, if this “contraption is not used”? I’m talking about the repeated x-ray exposures that would be necessary, due to motion. That is a “horror” you can’t see (ie: the cellular damage that can result from excessive unneccessary ex-ray exposures). It may look weird, but it does not physically or emotionally harm the small patient.
This immobilizer is commonly used in diagnostic imaging for infant and small child chest x-rays, to minimize motion and thereby minimize and prevent unneccessary x-ray exposure to the child. By the way, the picture of the child above is from the instructional manual for this immobilizing device. This isn’t your child, anyway, it’s a model that was used for the instuction manual for this immobilizer.

I never said it shouldn’t be used, or that it was inappropriate to be used, simply that the picture of the kid in the picture above was about 180-degrees from my reality.

Also, I didn’t mean “contraption” in a derogatory way. That was not the intent, I intended to convey “a mechanical device of any sort, especially one that is complicated.”

OK, I get your sense of humor about the baby x-ray thing. Sorry,No offense was intended. Did u know it was invented by a person named Mr. Pigg? and the device is called a Pigg-O-Stat? Mr pigg is probably passed on by now, but he’s had a patent on that device for over 40 yrs.

I had no idea! That’s awesome! Though, in retrospect, I should have guessed based on the image name. :)

Thanks for writing back! I’m sure Mr. Pigg’s device has had an impact on a huge number of people.

more interesting facts about the Pigg-O-Stat: founder was named Jalmer Pigg, Sr 1917-1995. the device has been on the market since 1961. Mr Pigg was an X-ray technician (now we are called Radiologic Technologists, or rad tech for short). The company that makes the Pigg-O-Stat is called Modern Way Immobilizers (located in Tennessee)and the item is manufactured in the USA and the current president is Jimmy C Pigg, whom I assume is the originator’s son or nephew. We use it all the time in radiography and occasionally we do get a kid who is laughing or amused by the whole thing, usually the parent are right there with the kid. Some parents can convince their child it is a game and actually get them to laugh. We get better x-rays of the chest if they are crying, though, since then have deeper respiration. It’s an art. Usually the child is pretty sick and coughing a lot, or congested, feverish, too, so some don’t squirm too much cause they’re lethargic. All kinds. Arent you glad you know this now?? have a good day.

The inventor, Jalmer Pigg, was my uncle, and the the current president, Jimmy Pigg is his son.

Janice, thanks for checking back! If you get better images when the kids are crying, you would have gotten some fantastic images of our little guy. :)

I’ll remember to try and get him to laugh about it if we ever go again. We went when our little guy was about 9mos, so it was hard to explain what was going on.

Thanks so much for all the info.

It’s probably more scary for the parents than the kid, in most cases, but we try to reassure and educate them so their anxiety won’t make the kid’s anxiety worse. Once they see that worried or pitiful look on the parent’s face, it’s all over. Anyhow, it’s for their own safety, I guess. I wish I had invented it, that guy Pigg is probaly a gazillionaire, I’m sure. bye

The Pigg-O-Stat is way over priced and kids tremble at the sight of this device. There are alternatives that are just as effective at keeping children safe and secure during x-rays at 1/3 of the cost. Why not purchase a Pediatric Radiology Chair from Medicus Health ( . The Medicus Health model has adjustable seat height and restraints suitable for 6 month to 4 year old patients. Seatbelt and Arm Restraints can be removed and are machine washable and you can even choose your color or get your facilities logo on the side.

Protecting kids from unnecessary radiation exposure is important, and so is protecting them from psychological trauma. This divice should not be used or sold. There are many different and successful ways to get the same images without traumatizing children and making any following visit to the hospital a dreaded event.

Wow, Janice! Thanks for all that info on Mr. Pigg and Modern Way Immobilizers. It would be worth getting a job there for a while just to tell people where you worked. lol! As for protecting kids from “psychological trauma”, let’s face it, that chair isn’t likely to go over any better. Our 5 month-old met the old Pigg-o-Stat today (she’d be too young for the chair anyway) and although it was a few minutes of serious upset, she soothed quickly and it was *much* easier than the (unsuccessful) deep lung suction she endured after her x-rays. She’s really sick so anything we did really upset her. I’m a pediatric psychologist and I worked in a medical (cancer) setting for years. I’d really hesitate to call the Pigg-O “psychologically traumatic” given the brief nature, parental presence, and lack of associated physical pain. Let’s face it, medical procedures can be tough on kids and any contraption that restrains little ones firmly enough to get a good radiograph is bound to be upsetting. I am thankful that we got two great x-rays very quickly and could move on to treatment. Thanks Mr. Pigg!

This entire discussion has been both enlightening and very interesting. I my self have been a Radiologic Technologist for my adult life and have used the Pigg-O-Stat at every department I have worked in that did pediatric radiography.

While it may not appear state of the art, the Pigg-O-Stat is a very efficient and effective tool for the technologist.

As radiaton dose becomes more and more an issue in the public consciousness parents should be very willing to do what it takes to give their children the best care.

I use this device with the majority of my patients and find it gives me good imaging and the ability to reduce radiation. If my children had needed radiographs I would have preferred that the Pigg-O-Stat be used.

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