OpenDNS is proxying Google?

Well this is odd:

blowery@loki~> host is an alias for has address has address

I’m using OpenDNS to resolve DNS at home after TimeWarner / RoadRunner failed on me one time too many. I had a little DNS hiccup this morning and discovered that gem above when digging through the mess. How interesting…

I did a little more digging and it seems that OpenDNS is doing this for a reason, though not a reason that really concerns me. Thankfully I can turn off this feature by flipping the “Enable OpenDNS proxy” toggle highlighted below. There’s also a knowledge base article about it for your perusal. The toggle takes a few minutes to activate, so if you flip it, you’ll have to wait a while to see it work. It took me about 20 minutes to pick up the change.

The Enable OpenDNS proxy setting on OpenDNS

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Just add into your /etc/hosts

and reboot.

A Windows is fine too!
Go to C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
Open file with notepad
Copy the following to the file…(what is below)


The only thing I don’t like about the hosts-file based solutions is that you’re basically side-stepping DNS. I want DNS to just work, not have to hack things into my hosts file because it’s not.

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