My contribution to the meme:

blowery@hermes:~$ history 1000 | awk '{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}' | sort -rn | head
170 cd
78 ls
55 sudo
31 svn
18 scons
18 nm
12 less
9 grep
8 rm
8 make

As for why these, here are some rough guesses:

obviously we use a lot of directories and I end up moving around quite a bit.
implicitly tied to cd usage I think. And I have a lousy memory for what file names in what dirs.
This meme caught me while I was setting up a new working vm instance, hence all the sudo. Normally, I don’t think I use it quite so much.
svn is our source control management tool of choice
scons is our build tool of choice
nm lists the exported symbols in a library. I was tracking down a problem with MySQL and a broken exported symbol during the aforementioned instance install.
less is my pager of choice
handy for finding things

handy for removing things. I think this was related to MySQL causing me grief
everyone else’s built tool of choice and I was installing a lot of everyone else’s stuff

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  2. I’m surprised that mate isn’t higher in the list, although I guess I use it a ton at the end of a lot of commands ` | mate`

    77 svn
    77 cd
    75 ls
    29 ssh
    26 scp
    25 mate
    22 bzr
    18 sudo
    18 open
    13 cp

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