Syncing an LG-VX8350 with Outlook

I recently picked up a new phone, the LG VX-8350. Bucking the current trend, I wanted a phone that was merely a phone. No camera, no web browser, no Twitter client, no no no. I just want to be able to talk on the thing. And sync up my contacts with my computer. Oh right, that.

The VX-8350 doesn’t come with anything to this end. No software, no cables, no nothing. It’s just a phone. After a bit of digging, it turns out there is a USB cable available who’s primary purpose is to let you use the phone as a modem, but it turns out you can also use BitPim, a nice little bit of open source software, to read out and sync down your calendar, contacts, and some other things.

So far, I really like the phone. The battery lasts forever, the sound quality is fantastic, I can use mp3 ringtones, and it’s reasonably fast. Maybe I’m odd, but I really enjoy things that do one thing and do it well. This phone fits the bill.