Food Photography

Tomatoes are almost here


The tomatoes in our EarthBox are coming along nicely, though the plant has grown to exceed all expectation. It’s upper branches are not entangling the basketball net, about seven feet off the ground. It’s drinking about 2 liters of water a day (!!!) and though we had some problems with blossom end rot, a quick application of some lime seems to have fixed that up. I definitely want to try growing more in the EarthBox… Sheri put some basil in and said was just amazingly large. As a kid, I got to pick a few seeds to plant in our family garden and I always went for the tallest, biggest, fattest variety of whatever I could find: giant sunflowers, huge watermelon and pumpkin, tall corn. It rarely ended up being as large as the seed package claimed it could be, but I was all about growing the biggest thing I could. The EarthBox definitely delivers on growing stuff big and increasing yeilds.


Our jalepeno plant is also doing pretty well in its standard container. It doesn’t drink quite a much water, but it looks like we’ll be making homemade salsa pretty soon…