NWA Saratoga Show Wrap-up

Well, that was fun.

I went to my first woodworking show over the weekend, right here in Saratoga. The Northeastern Woodworkers Association hosts their showcase here every year. It’s part gallery, part lecture series and part vendor space and a ton of fun. I caught the two talks by Chris Schwarz, editor at Popular Woodworking and the two talks by Peter Follansbee, a 17th-century furniture maker at Plimoth Plantation. All of the talks were great, educational and entertaining. We even got to cook some chisels with a hand crank grinder in Chris’ last talk and see Peter wield a hatchet and froe in a hotel conference room. Fun stuff.

I also finally got to meet some of the other woodworkers I chat with over on Twitter and a bunch of other online woodworkers. In fact, most everyone who attended this thing was friendly, glad to talk about wood working and generally pleasant to be around.

Can’t wait for next year! Though now I may have to figure out how to convince Mandy to head to Cincinnati for Woodworkers in America in October.


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