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Interesting stuff from February 23rd, 2012 through February 24th, 2012

Adirondack Almanack: Ice Fishing: Lake Champlain Shanty Stories
"Anomalies in the ice surface caused the house to spin and lurch at times as it sped along. At one point, it was headed towards a community of ice-fishing shanties. Finally, the house struck a prominent crack in the ice, which sent it twirling and slowed its progress. It eventually came to a halt in the vicinity of Split Rock Point, ten miles from its origin. When the wind died down, a team of horses hauled the house back to Willsboro Point."
All hands, battlestations!
The desks of 37 signals. Sam's is just amazing.
Table Saw Kickbacks! – LLC
Absolutely must watch video on kickback. This guy is a moron for trying this and knows it. Don't be a moron.
Sauer & Steiner: Dining chair – one down… 5 to go.
One hell of a dining room chair. Amazing curly walnut.
ThermoWorks – Splash-Proof Thermapen Thermometer
Here's the actual product page for the thermapen. Price came down a tick.
Traditional BBQ Meats: Are the USDA temperatures enough? |
Start of a series on proper meat temps for BBQ.
Also, if you cook, you need a Thermapen. Seems crazy expensive, but they're so worth it.
Penn Station
What Penn Station used to look like. What a loss.