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Interesting stuff from March 14th, 2012 through March 15th, 2012

Hurricane Irene Trail Work – Week One « Middle of the Trail
First hand account of Adirondack trail work in the wake of Irene
Why We Have to Go Back to a 40-Hour Work Week to Keep Our Sanity | Visions | AlterNet
On the 40-hour work week. I'd prefer 4 10s to 5 8s, but that's just me.
A Different Scale
Logging redwoods. Impressive, but sad.
From the Archives: The Electric Car from 1980 – YouTube
The blue cheese wedge electric car from the '80s.
Unsolicited Praise for ‘Make a Joint Stool from a Tree’
"We like the book, too! And we are eagerly awaiting Peter’s follow-up book on building and carving 17th-century chests, which is already in the works." Sigh. Time to start saving.