ben lowery


2014 Jul 2nd

It is hot.

Fri 13?

2014 Jun 13th

I own a black cat. Not a big deal.

Net Neutrality

2014 Jun 2nd


Still alive

2014 Jan 27th


Just been super busy lately. Flew to Austin for an on-site with my compatriots at Demand and attended AustinJS (my first) and met a bunch of interesting people. Good times.

Also, Chris & John over at Lost Art Press just flipped the switch on their new store, which I helped out with a bit. Definitely check it out! It’s built on Shopify, which is a pretty interesting platform. A bit limiting, but less so than any of the other hosted eComm solutions I’ve looked at.


A new place for random stuff

2013 Dec 2nd

For a while, I’ve wanted, so I finally got off my butt and made it happen. It’s a pretty simple tumblr setup that I plan on using a bit like I used this site. Twitter++ as it were.

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