Bigger isn’t always better

Thanks to Paul, I stumbled upon one of the best essays I’ve read this year: Code’s Worst Enemy. If you write code for a living, be sure to check it out. Advertisements


Apple Wireless Keyboard + Windows = Happy

After using the Apple Wireless Keyboard at the local Apple store, I was hooked. It doesn’t seem to have any lag, the key action is awesome and I really like the lack of cords. The only thing is, I generally work on a Windows XP box, not an Apple machine. So, I did some research […]

I18N for Windows

The product I work on currently supports English and Japanese via CodePages. I’ve never really dealt with globalized applications before, so I’m doing quite a bit of research on the matter before I jump in. I’m reading Developing International Applications and finding it to be a fascinating read. I’d always wondered what the System.Text.Encoding object […]

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