Fixed RSS Feed?

Looks like I fat-fingered the RSS feed and threw in one w too many. It should be fixed now, so please resume yummy RSS syndication. Advertisements


Back from Nashville

I got back in from Nashville last night around 10 o’clock. I was down there for Mandy’s dad’s 50th birthday and the whole weekend was great. Mandy and I flew in on Friday afternoon, unbeknownst to Doug. When we walked in to Mandy’s “What are you old farts up to?”, he seemed surprised and shocked […]


GeoBlog has to be one of the cooler things I’ve seen in the blogging space. It’s a something-close-to-real-time map of different blogs that contain information that can pin-point the location of the writer. When someone posts and pings, GeoBlog picks up the post and updates the map on the homepage. Very cool.

Getting Published

On a more techy note, I was published by O’Reilly networks recently. I wrote a paper on Cryptography in .NET and another on the Configuration System in .NET. They’re my first two real published works for a known house, and I think they’re both very cool, thanks much.


I’d never heard of before, but they just showed up in my referer logs. Looks like a pretty interesting site; yet another meta-blogging site for bored college surfers.

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