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Cloud Tax
Massachusetts started charging sales tax on Amazon web services in April.
Node.js Reactions
Node.js Reactions
Girl Talk Ad (1995) – YouTube
This is my boyfriend. He thinks he's hilarious. RT: @dr_mfox: Hi @JewelStaite #FF
Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video – YouTube
Sony officially has the best marketing team on earth.
progrium/dokku · GitHub
Brilliant! A mini-heroku clone using Docker –
Neutrinos to Give High-Frequency Traders the Millisecond Edge – Forbes
Hedge funds trying to send neutrinos through center of earth to trade faster. Absurdity of modern Wall Street.

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Roorkhee Chairs, Day 1 (Then What?) – Popular Woodworking Magazine
Roorkhee Chairs, Day 1 (Then What?): Most classes I teach end up being a “dovetail death march” (in a good …
jfparadis/requirejs-handlebars · GitHub
Sweet! A requirejs-handlebars solution that works with r.js!
Don’t be Ridiculous | Lost Art Press
Don’t be Ridiculous
David Fry’s answer to Business: What’s the shrewdest, smartest maneuver you’ve ever seen in business? – Quora
David Fry talks about Dow of Dow Chemicals in What are some of the shrewdest, smartest business maneuverings ever se…
Going Dutch — Look What I Made — Medium
I just published "Going Dutch"

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37signals/sub · GitHub
@robey been using sub to write cli tools, its awesome
Photo by mitchmcgary4 • Instagram
Chillen on the whip!👌👍😝
Bacon is bad for you – BACON: the conference on things developers love
Dear everyone who asked about the "Bacon is bad for you" video: it's up now, enjoy!
Stefan Arentz : Beautify JSON in Emacs
Beautify JSON in Emacs #javascript #protip via @coderwall
Twitter / Cmdr_Hadfield: Unusual perspective of the …
Unusual perspective of the Great Lakes.

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Twitter / UMMaizeRage: For the last time, ladies and …
For the last time, ladies and gentlemen, team 96. #Family
Infographic: Font Lets You Make Data Maps Of The U.S., Just By Typing | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
what a brilliant idea: a symbol font of the US states. and it's free.
Jussi Kalliokoski : Replace all occurences of ‘Shard’ with ‘Card’ in the git repo
Replace all occurences of 'Shard' with 'Card' in the git repo #git #protip via @coderwall
“Did we just rip off Marco Arment and The Magazine?” –
“The apps don’t matter as much as we like to think.” I couldn't agree more with @marcoarment here.
Go Database! Docs
Serious nerd boner: god is a scalable, performant, persistent, in-memory data structure server.
Asterisk PBX + Google Voice / How I set up 100% free landline calling – AnandTech Forums
Marqueterie Mysteries | Lost Art Press
Marqueterie Mysteries
For anyone who has not seen/heard this by now, enjoy it please.
Twitter / bltww: Yard is kegerator painted. …
Yard is kegerator painted. Now it needs a clear coat and some decals.
This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
The white house responds to the Death Star petition:
osx – What are some tips or tricks for Terminal in Mac OS X? – Ask Different
Great list of Mac OS X command line tips, e.g. open, mdfind, opensnoop

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Behind the Bar: Pauline Boldt’s Holiday Gin and Tonics
Rosemary simple syrup. Yum.
The Icarus Deception
Nice video on Seth Godin's new book. Lots of nice little shots in and around Tarrytown and Irvington NY, my old haunt.
The Design Lesson
"In graphic design, nothing is what it actually is. Everything other than content is representative of something else. Additionally, much of the content is also merely representative of something other than what it actually is."
If NTFS is a robust journaling file system, why do you have to be careful when using it with a USB thumb drive?
Applies to any journaled filesystem really. Ever wonder why you can't just yank a removeable device on a Mac? This is why.
Shop Apron From Artifact Bag Co.
Great looking handmade bags and things in waxed cotten and leather.