Yay for querySelectorAll. Boo for StaticNodeList.

In the coming months, all of the major browser vendors are going to implement a new API called querySelectorAll, which allows us web developers to query a document for elements matching a CSS3 selector and quickly get back a list of matching nodes. This is really fantastic news and should help to speed up one …


Working From Home

Mandy’s always looking out for tips on how to make working from home work out for both of us and she found a great article with some tips for making it work. For me, the most important things are: Having a routine with a clear separation between work and home, Having a set space in …

Thanks Tony!

Tony Morgan has a nice writeup on why he uses Bloglines. I just wanted to say thanks for the positive words. :)  3Pane view + iframe view really does change things quite a bit. We use it all the time internally.


Have an itch to chat with Bloglines engineers? You can usually find some of us on #bloglines on the FreeNode IRC servers. If you come join us, I’m blowery.

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