Goodbye Tin, Hello Shiny

I’ve never really understood why some Apple apps have that Brushed Metal look and most other have the Aqua look. I’d heard that programs that represent physical devices should be Brushed, but Safari is hardly a physical device. That said, here is a handy little app that turns Safari into an Aqua-style application, which is the way it should have been in the first place, in my opinion.

Mouse Replacements?

I recently decided to try a non-mouse option for moving my cursor around, a nice new Logitech TrackBall. So far, so good. I’ve tried to move the whole thing a couple times, mouse-style, but for the most part it’s working out great. I’ve gotten used to selecting text and such pretty quickly. On a related not, the iGesture Pad from FingerWorks seems like a pretty nifty invention too. Too bad it costs so much.

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