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I wrote about some of the differences between implementing QuickCheck in Clojure and Haskell: #simple-check
DevTools 3min – YouTube
. @campd's excellent DevTools video, 3min: via @YouTube
Twitter / jaythrash: Need a MBP stand? All you need …
Need a MBP stand? All you need is about $3 in PVC parts…
My gif workflow
One of the best screencapture to gif workflows by none other than @slexaxton
How I fixed an anonymous infinite loop in jsbin
How I fixed an *anonymous* infinite loop in @js_bin: #node #gdb

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Adrienne @ Manchester High School
I'm at Manchester High School (Manchester, MI)
ECMAScript Internationalization API – Generated Content by David Storey
The new JavaScript internationalization library is very exciting:
Rob Conery | Web development with Ruby on Rails, Node, and Whatever Bleeds. Co-owner/Founder of Tekpub, Creator of This Developer’s Life
Javascript Frameworks Are Amazing and Nobody is Happy
XKCD Plots in Matplotlib: Going the Whole Way
matplotlib has an "xkcd" plotting style! This is big #python #pylab
The final Blimpy Burger: ‘All good things come to an end’
Check out the final Blimpy Burger: 'All good things come to an end'

Wiring Your House

I’ve always respected electricians and found the work fascinating, but never really sat down and learned all the ins and outs of how my short-lived electrical engineering education applied to my actual abode. I understand how an outlet works and how electricity flows, but close to nothing about code or safe practices when wiring, or any of the little things that any practicing electrician knows.

I recently purchased a new bandsaw, which has a 220V motor and needs a new 20A dedicated circuit. I’ve wanted to add outlets in my little basement wood shop, so I figured as long as I needed to add the one outlet, I might as well have an electrician add a subpanel and isolate the shop entirely. That way, if I want to add more outlets or hang better lights or need another 220 in the future, I have a dedicated panel to work from. Not knowing what to look for in a panel or how it was supposed to be wired, or what I could actually do, I started doing some research.

Dyami recommended a book, Wiring a House 4th Edition (For Pros By Pros), and I now recommend it too. It’s a very good overview of all of the general wiring you’ll find in a house, with explanations of the basic code requirements for each part. It does refer to the NEC code for actual guidelines on things like wire gauge, but in general, it’s fairly self sufficient, and easy to read.

Definitely pick it up if you have any wiring projects coming up, or want to know what to look for when looking at a possible house to buy.

disclaimer: If you purchase the book via these links, I get a small cut from Amazon for the link. It really is an excellent book, but in no way makes you a licensed electrician. But it will help you know if you’re dealing with someone reputable.

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Streaming asset pipeline so no build step yes pls: (+ workflow geeks @addyosmani, @paul_irish and @SlexAxton)
The Penultimate Woodshop: My Crozy Shop Floor: Part II, The Floor Part
New Penultimate Post My Crozy Shop Floor: Part II, The Floor Part
“Debugging runtime errors with ‘window.onerror’ in Blink” —

Mike West

'window.onerror' has recently become significantly more useful in Blink: Please bang on it, and send me bug reports!
Six board chest glamour shots | She Works Wood
Very proud to have supplied the Sapele on this project. This is a home run by Marilyn!
‪Surprise! Under that grey and weathered surface lies a surprise. – RenaissanceWW‬
Surprise! Under that grey and weathered surface lies a surprise.
Adventures in Voiceover – YouTube
When Kristen heard me do this VO trick, her head exploded. I'm not convinced it's special, but see what you think.

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No matter which side you're on, this is pretty much every programming algorithm interview ever:
Photo by joemccann

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Alternative Flat UI Buttons from @apphacker
No Parkinson’s with the flip of a switch
Man with Parkinson's switches off his brain pacemaker with dramatic results
Video: Stain-proof shoes and water-proof phones to become a reality – Telegraph
Wow, Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet is straight up black magic. Stain and water-proof most anything:
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