Organizing Photos Coming From CF

In the normal course of a day, I usually take quite a few photos. Back when I first started playing with photos on my computer, I was in college and I would spend quite a bit of time making sure the names on the files matched up with the contents of the photo, and that all the files were organized in folders by the date on which they were shot. This was all before EXIF data (I was working with scans) and fancy cameras that embeded that stuff for you. I used something like YYYMMDD-OverallSubject-SpecificSubject.jpg for my files. Now that I have less copius free time, I tend to let something else manage these things for me.

Currently, I use the Canon ZoomBrowser EX that came with my Canon cameras (I have a 10D and an s110 from a while back). However, today I stumbled upon a program call DIM and it looks quite promising. One thing I never liked about ZoomBrowser is that lack of control over the directory naming format. It appears that DIM would give me that level of control, so I’m going to try it out with my next batch of photos.

Speaking of photos, more coming soon. Starting Monday, I’m going to post a picture every day. I’m not saying I’ll have taken the photo that day, but I’m going to start posting more regularly. Promise.