In Search Of… Fast CF Cards for the Canon 10D

As an engineer, I’m a bit of a number junkie. I recently picked up a 1G Compact Flash card for my Canon 10D, and I was curious how it stacked up for transfer speed. I intially checked out the reviews on DP Review, but they didn’t include the card I picked up, and the tests were primarily for transfers between PC and card. Today I stumbled upon this great test of a number of CF cards, actually inside the 10D. Additionally, they test with a bunch of other cameras, so you can see if changing cards will matter for transfer speed in your camera.

Turns out, my card is pretty low in the list, but it doesn’t really matter. The camera has a 9 shot buffer, and I rarely, if ever, run through it. Maybe if I pick up a 400mm lens and start doing sports photos, I’ll need it, but the chances of that happening are pretty low.