Today was a long day, but tons of fun.

  • Woke up at 3:45AM to drive to Huck Finn for salmon fishing off Half Moon Bay. There are surprising amounts of traffic on the roads in the bay area at 4AM.
  • Fished from about 6:30 AM until about 11AM, trolling with a combination of live bait and spinners. Dale and Jim were a great skipper and deck-hand and had us laughing the whole time we weren’t puking. I lucked out and didn’t get sick, but the others were not so fortunate. If you’re ever in the area and want to do some fishing, I highly recommend Dale as a skipper. We really had a great time.
  • Cresting swells in a 38′ Bertram is lot of fun, especially with Pacifica and Devil’s Slide as a backdrop.
  • Saw humpback and grey whales, seals, dolphins and tons of birds. A couple humpbacks were running parallel to our boat for about 15 minutes, blowing every now and again. At the end, they waved goodbye and disappeared under the waves with a flip of their tails. They were at least as big as our boat.
  • I caught a wild steelhead, the first our skipper had seen caught in those waters since the 70’s.
  • Will and Danny caught a 32lb king salmon, the biggest so far this season on the California coast. Will’s getting his name in the SF Chronicle in the next couple days, so if you get it, keep your eyes peeled. It took Will a good 15 minutes to reel in 12′ of line. 32lb fish fight very very hard. The fish took the bait about 10′ down, not sure how deep the water was at that point.
  • Bait of choice: Chocolate Croissant or Eclair.
  • The salmon was clipped, so the friendly DNR agent met us at the dock and took the fish’s head to pull the tag. There can be only one.
  • The guys at the fish shop next to Huck Finn cleaned the fish and cut it into steaks for us. 28lbs of wild salmon in total, roughly $560 market value. Cost to clean and steakatize: $5. He got a nice tip.
  • Next time, I’m bringing my DSLR. There is way too much pretty stuff in California.
  • Food Report:
    • No real breakfast for fear of motion sickness. Coffee and a banana. Next time I’m packing ginger cookies.
    • Lunch at Stacks. Mmmm macademia nut, coconut and banana pancakes. Though the fruit / yogurt / granola sundae was really enough for a whole meal.
    • Dinner at the Tandoori Oven. Nice little modern Indian bistro. Good food, nice amount of spice in everything, and I liked the low-key feel. I’d definitely go there again.
    • Picked up some cherries and chocolate covered peanuts at Trader Joe’s for the flight back.
  • Got the Plantronics 510 headset and so far, so good. The multipoint feature seems pretty sweet and the overall sound is fantastic indoors. I’m still trying out different ear pieces to see which is the most comfy.