A day late, but better late than never.

  • Tracked down part of the slowness in building and rendering items. A good part of it stems from hooking up events in dojo. If you call dojo.event.connect passing in a srcObj, srcFunc, and a target func like this dojo.event.connect(foo, "onclick", function(evt) { /* blah */ }), interpolateArgs names the function using dojo.lang.nameAnonFunc, which ends up walking the window object looking for an instance of the function passed in. Doing this 500 times turns out to be a bit slow, averaging something like 15ms per call (Firefox, profiled by Firebug, on a MacBook Pro 2GHz). By changing our code to call an existing function on an existing object, we trimmed 9 seconds from our 12 second per 200 items render time. Not bad. Still lots of room for improvement. Currently building the stuff with DOM methods, so switching to building straight HTML should give us a pretty good speed boost.

    Need to check and see how connect behaves in 0.9.

  • Food report:
    • Small mint mocha from Coffee Society for breakfast. Much tastier than the ‘bucks version (chocolate seems better and the espresso is much much better) and free wireless. They make a pretty good macchiato too. Nice to sit outside and enjoy a warm beverage and free wifi.
    • “Salad” at LeBoulanger.
    • Outback for dinner. Alice Springs and some soup. Nothing special. Fun times looking at houses around the bay area, compared to Saratoga Springs. Chip needs a $15 million house to house his $1000 pony.
  • Tomorrow, fishing! First time out on a six person sportfishing boat… Hope the waves are small…