Ka is a wheel.

  • A clean(er) apartment is a happy apartment.
  • Started the port to 0.9 in earnest. No cookies for me.
  • Submitted a patch for a new dojo.cookie for 0.9. Cookies for me! The new test harness stuff is pretty sweet, need to dig into that some more.
  • The new build system for Dojo is hotness incarnate. Layered builds + known Dojo + no more Ant + really really fast == happy Ben.
  • svn_load_dirs and svnmerge are my friends. They really want to be your friends too.
  • Definition of irony: Macy’s, who has huge “Celebrate Mother’s Day” signs all over the store does not have a maternity section.
  • Food Report:
    • Breakfast at Coffee Labs. Small latte and butter scone.
    • Lunch at Hackley. Sloppy Joes, extra sloppy. “Georgia” salad.  Georgia salad is apparently salad with pecans and apples and blue cheese. Can someone from Georgia verify?
    • Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Weight Management Endive and Pear salad. Actually really quite good and supposedly around 500 calories. Keeping it south of 1000 at the Factory is quite an accomplishment. And I finally got the salad I kept talking about all last week…