Being a programmer in the spring is its own special ring of hell.

  • I have a new desktop background. Thanks Dug.
  • More integration of Dojo 0.9. Got our build playing nice with the new Dojo build system, which is JavaScript running inside Rhino (actually Dojo’s custom Rhino which supports syntax compression). There’s a ton to like here.
    • We maintain all of our JS in a bl directory, parallel to the dojo directory. The old build system didn’t do anything intelligent with this code, but the new one includes it in the release. Very nice. This makes copying a proper release a lot easier. Scons still makes my head spin a bit, but I think that’s mostly because I know about as much Python as I do Spanish.
    • We can layer builds, so we can have one glommed together hunk of JS depend on another glommed together hunk of JS. Technically this works with the old Dojo with a recent builder, but I hadn’t messed with it. This is great for different entry points into the site where we might be loading a ton of JS for the reader, but a subset of that ton for something like search or about. Figuring out how to partition things to best take advantage of the cache will be interesting. For the time being, I’m just going to do it per page and then revisit things once we have a handle on what’s needed where.
  • My patch for cookie support was accepted into Core. Yay! It needs some more tests, though I wasn’t sure how to test the secure and domain properties sans a proper web sever. Have to see what the other devs think. Also got my feet wet with the test framework and test runner. So far, looks pretty good. Need to take a peek at how the async test stuff works.
  • Main Street Sweets caught on fire yesterday. There’s a sign out front saying they’ll reopen soon… mmmmm ice cream. I was up the block at Coffee Labs when the fire happened; kinda wish I’d had my camera as it’s not often you get to see a ladder truck in action. Good luck and best wishes to them for a speedy recovery and reopening.
  • Speaking of Coffee Labs, they’re now selling coffee wholesale to a few local Whole Foods and other various places. And they have a spiffy new web site!
  • Food Report
    • Breakfast: Coffee (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) from the Labs. Nice acidic, light body. I need to start taking my own mug if I’m going to keep getting coffee instead of caps. And a peanut butter sandwich. Mmmm dark chocolate peanut butter.
    • Lunch: Chicken fingers and rice from the Hack with a special treat: mocha bubble tea! The kids were all freaking out at how gross / awesome it was. The dichotomy was striking.
    • Dinner: Yankee Pot Roast and mashers (Hack) with a salty peach crumb cake for dessert. I had never thought to put salt in a crumb cake. I now know why.