Sometimes it’s a hard world for the small things.

  • An entire stadium of people humming on a Baby Ruth is a bit disturbing. Ad people are weird. If you haven’t seen it, watch more ESPN.
  • Took Jack/Spock/Fatty/Pest/Chunk (we’re renaming the cat) into the vet today as his asthma flared up. He’s also due for a checkup, so he’s off getting that. Poor hacky kitty.
  • Disco Dressage? Who knew horses could dance? Show of hands.
  • Port port port
    • dojo.string.Builder is missing from Core, so I wrote it today. Started writing tests and realized I didn’t know how the console test harness works. Email into -contrib to find out details. Changed the guts to do the branching on object specification instead of at call time. Should be slightly faster and use one less member variable.
    • Restructured some misguided ideas I had a long time ago. Though, higher-order functions are among the coolest things in the universe.
    • For a “simple” language, Javascript is amazingly deep. Learning how to use a language with closures and runtime function generation just takes a shift in thinking from anything else I’ve done. The whole concept of memoization is just amazing. I think I’ve fallen off the strong-typing bandwagon. Oh if Bart could see me now…
  • Picked up a glider for $150 off Craig’s List. It’s the first thing we’ve ever purchased from the list and everything went smoothly. The seller even threw in a bunch of nice lightly used baby stuff that should be really useful…
  • Foodah:
    • Breakfast: Coffee. Butter scone. Didn’t take my mug and killed a recycled tree.
    • Lunch: Chicken parm patty sandwich. I can feel the arteries clogging.
    • Dinner: Split pea soup and four oranges. Don’t ask. Slim pickings at the cafeteria tonight.
    • Snacks: chicken fingers in the afternoon and some fig newtons right about… now.