It’s time to rock.

  • Spinal Tap is getting back together to save the world.
  • Was reintroduced to Chris Jordan’s work. Definitely worth a peek.
  • Turned our project spec into a set of issues in Jira. Yay for tracking.
  • Port port port. Lots of weird little things are missing in Dojo Core that I’ve got to replicate.
    • I also made a really dumb decision a while back to extend dojo.dom (the object) inside our code, so porting other code that appears to use dojo.dom is a pain. It looks like we’re calling into Dojo, but really we’re calling into my lame extensions to Dojo.
    • add/remove/get/hasClass are gone, though from today’s Dojo meeting, it looks like they’re coming back
    • dom.destroyNode is currently gone, but looks like it’s making a comeback.
    • dojo.html.getElementsByClass is replaced by dojo.query
  • I’m now on the hook to port dojo.undo into Core.
  • Nice write up by Dustin on modern Javascript usage patterns
  • Food Report
    • Woke up lateish. Brunch was coffee (Mexican Chiapas, took my steel mug along today) and taco salad.
    • Dinner: Pizza (other option was baked stuffed sole) and salad and twin pop. Mmmm cherry twin pop.