Thickolson: Half of the top glued up

Front Half of Top Glued to Apron

Finally. Last night I milled up the last screw block and attached it to the right side leg assembly. Once it was secure, it was time to start gluing on the top!

To account for seasonal wood movement, I’m only gluing along the apron and the first couple inches of the screw block and top leg stretcher. Once the glue it dry, I’ll spelunk down under the bench and screw in the middle edge with a deck screw, into an elongated hole. That way, the top can move a bit in width and not ruin the whole bench.

Tonight I’ll pull the clamps and glue up the other side of the top. I guess I could have done both sides at once, but alas, I don’t have enough clamps.

Oh, and I finally came up with a name for this thing: The Thickolson.