santa brought me music

Santa decided to bring my some new music for Christmas: first off, the Back
To Mine
albums by Tricky and Underworld
Tricky’s album is quite diverse and not at all what I expected.  It features
everything from The Beat’s ‘Mirror in the Bathroom’ to Chet Baker’s
‘My Funny Valentine’ to Eric B & Rakim’s ‘My Melody’. 
Weirdly enough, it really works as an album.  I’m really digging on the
re-emergence of mix tapes in a more mainstream venue.

While I was home, my cousins asked me what kind of music I listen to, and I gave the
typical “a little bit of everything” response.  I’ll try to
make that a bit more concrete on here and post of bad reviews of the stuff I like
and why.  As a start, anything in the Back To Mine collection is probably something
I’d like.