Favorites from the Oscars

I don’t usually watch the Oscars, but Mandy loves watching for the dresses, so this year, I’m actually remembering to sit down and watch. I have to say, the opening was really very funny. Michael Moore being crushed by an Oliphant while criticizing the Hobbits for fighting a fictitious war; I was on the floor for that one. A couple other great quotes from Billy: “Thirteen years ago when I was hosting, things were so different. Bush was in office, the economy was tankiing and we were just coming out of a war with Iraq.” “Lord of the Rings, with 11 nominations, one for each ending.”

It also exposed me to a few movies I hadn’t heard of that I need to check out now, like “In America”, and reminded me that I really need to see “Lost in Translation” and Ken Wantanabe in “The Last Samurai.”

Now on to enjoy the acceptance speeches….