The Wife on the History Channel

OK, this was random. Our friend Erin was flipping channels and came
across a special on the History International channel called Treasure! King Harod’s Lost City,
about Caesarea. The Wife was on a dig at Caesarea for two years, right
when they were filming the special and funnily enough, she has a small
part in the special right at the beginning! She’s shown writing
something down for a short time.. We’re currently watching it through
to see if she has any more little parts to play in the special.

Update! There’s a full on face shot right near the end of the special. The Wife says she’s writing down what was found in the trench that day. This is just so odd. We’re going to have to order this one on VHS. Just wish they had DVDs of it… Looks like it’ll be on again at 5 today.