Right-handed, but left eye dominant

Last Saturday, a bunch of us went our for Mike’s birthday. To celebrate one of the last birtdays that really matters, we headed out for something worthy of any middle age crisis, Beef & Guns!

Though it’s called Beef & Guns, the guns come first. I never
really expected to be shooting a .22 rifle in Manhattan, but here we got the chance.
The Beef side of things actually fell through, as we ran out of time,
but we found a good little italian place down the block that was

The rest of the night was spent at bars, and then at a burlesque,
which was better than I expected, and then home. Thanks to the time
change, I left NYC at 2am and got home at 1:30am. All in all, a great
night, and a fun way to ring in Mike’s new year.