Keyboard shortcuts for Next / Previous buttons

I follow a lot of photo blogs and they pretty much all have Previous / Next buttons. The problem, generally, is that they hop around as picture sizes change, so as you’re poking back through a blog, you have to keep repeating the find-the-link-move-the-mouse dance. It would be great if folks had keyboard shortcuts for this kind of thing.

Thanks to greasemonkey, if you’re using Firefox, you can install a great userscript called Next/Previous Navigation that works with just about any site that uses the standard “previous” and “next” text inside their links. It even works with my little photoblog. I *heart* greasemonkey.

Update: This little guy caused a pretty serious memory leak in my Firefox instance and I’ve since uninstalled it. If you’re using it, you might want to watch how much memory Firefox is using to see if you’re running into a similar problem. I notified the author, but have not received a response as of yet.