Playing with A9

I’m thinking about upgrading my Canon 10D for the new 30D that was just announced, and while drooling over it on Amazon, I noticed a link to their A9 search engine and the “share the pi” stuff they do, which can net you a measly little pi/2 discount on items. Still, worth a look, as it’s effectively money for nothing.

Of course, the first thing I look for on any search engine is myself. I’m quite vain.

I found their results interface quite interesting; as you click on different checkboxes on top, the results for that category are dynamically added to the page in columns. Neat, I think. It still feels a bit odd to me, and it doesn’t update the url, so I can’t really send the view I’ve come up with to another person. I played around with it for a bit, the results seems pretty good, though I was surprised a bit by one result in the image search. Fun stuff.